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The Grow Wild e-book series was authored by Jeff Ausmus.

Jeff has been growing wildflowers for over twenty years and gaining knowledge and experience about the best methods for growing them, and creating gardens to grow more diverse types of wildflowers. Through much trial and error, he has created areas that now house more than eight hundred native wild flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors, with many more planned for the future.

Jeff lives in Michigan with his beautiful wife and children, where he is working on creating new gardens and adding new wildflowers all the time. At one time, he grew both "garden favorites" and wild flowers, but after time, he became more and more natural-only, and now his specialized gardens use only wildflowers to create the perfect color for the yard throughout the entire growing season!

He gets his plants from nurseries, as well as from wildflower trades with a network of traders who share a similar interest in wildflowers, and also want to beautify their yard with nature's wonders. He lives by the motto that, "A weed is but an unloved flower."

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