Ausmus Family History

This website deals in the Ausmus family history, beginning with Jesse Lafayette Ausmus.

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The exact origins of the Ausmus name remain, as yet, unknown.  There are some speculations as to where they came from, and some claim even to know, but the overall data seems to suggest that the real origins remain unknown, unfortunately.  

However, we do know that Jesse Lafayette Ausmus was born in Tennessee.  

In 1896, Jesse married Rosie Bell Poston, and they had the following children:

Maggie Ethel Ausmus (1897 - 1970) - married G. Oscar Jones
Thomas Claude (called, Red) Ausmus (1900 - 1971)
William Homer Ausmus (1902 - 1973)
Emma Mae Ausmus (1905 - 1996) - married Garrett Jones
John Lafayette Ausmus (1906 - 1980)
Gladys Lucille Ausmus (1908 - 1949) - married John McCulley
James Everett Ausmus (1911 - 1991)

After Rosie's death in 1915, Jesse married Mossie Ford, and had the following children with her:

Jesse Lafayette Ausmus, III (1918 - 2003)
Elmer Edgar Ausmus (1919 - 1997)
Millie Love Ausmus (1921 - 2005) - married Floyd Conatser
Grace Naomi Ausmus (1923 - 2009) - married James Underwood
Edna Margaret Ausmus (1925) - married John Curtis