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February 1, 2012

Welcome, cousins!

The following pages below are a sort of glimpse into the information that I have so far collected on our various families.  To choose one, scroll down and click on the picture of the surname you are looking for.

Each page hinges on some patriarch with each surname - in most cases, it is my second or third great-grandfather.  I have then taken that person and used them as a pivot point from which to begin researching his ancestors, as well as all of his descendants.  For each person, I am attempting to make a list of all of his descendants.

Each page deals with a different side of my own family, and each surname is one of my ancestors, though of course not all pertain to any given person who will come here (except of course my siblings).  But still, for many of you, several of these names below will apply to you.  If you don't know which ones, you can ask!  :)

WANT TO HELP?  If you are interested in helping with this project, please click here to find out how you can: How You Can Help! 

I have many pictures, documents and original records, and will be adding them as time permits.  I always welcome new things, though... so if you have something to offer - documents, pictures, obituaries, etc, please let me know!

I hope you enjoy the information here, and learn more about our family, so we can all stay better connected.

General comments are welcome below, and each family page now has its own comment page as well.

Any questions?  Let me know!
Thank you for your support,

           Your cousin,

Jesse Ausmus and Rosie Poston
  Ausmus Family
David and Clara Burgard Family
    Burgard Family
Mary (Kipp) Dreher
       Dreher Family
Greiner sons
                    Greiner Family

Clara (Grodi) Burgard
            Grodi Family
Theresia (Habich) Kimling
         Habich Family

            Jankowski Family
Michael and Theresia Kimling Family
                  Kimling Family

        Kipp Family
Maria Katharina Mahler and Johann Friedrich Mahler
             Mahler Family
Isabelle (Settle) Poston
           Poston Family
Charles and Flagget Russeau, with wives
            Russeau Family

Ignatius Stachak and wife, Martha Jankowski
              Stachak Family

St. Bernard Family

Joseph Venier and wife, Mary Willett
             Venier Family

   Willett Family

Franciszek Maka, Martha Jankowska and Matylda Orchowska
       Woźniacki Family

Comments are welcome... if you have any, please go to a specific family page, and click the comment pages, available from the family's main page.

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