Dreher Family History

This website deals in the Dreher family history, beginning with John Frederick Dreher.

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Johan Friedrich Dreher, or John Frederick Dreher as he was known in the US, was born January 28, 1846 in Sulz am Neckar, Germany.  He married in 1872 to Maria Barbara Kipp, also from Sulz am Neckar.

Sulz am Neckar is located in south-east Germany in the state of Baden-Württemberg.


In 1881, the John and Maria moved, along with several of their children, to Tiffin, Ohio and lived on a farm.  Eventually, they settled in the Defiance, Ohio, area.

They had the following children:

Anna Maria Dreher, born July 28, 1873, died April 9, 1944 - married (1) Martin Keehn, (2) Albert Wieland
Jacob Frederick Dreher, born August 25, 1874, died October 10, 1874
Frederick Dreher, born September 5, 1875, died April 14, 1943
Emilie Dreher, born February 22, 1877, died March 3, 1901
William Dreher, born March 1880, died November 4, 1881
Charles Henry Dreher, born August 29, 1882, died June 16, 1904
Christina Catherine Dreher, born March 17, 1885, died June 18, 1892
Caroline Magdalena Dreher, born March 29, 1889, died February 15, 1959 - married Jacob Greiner, Jr.
William Henry Dreher, born June 13, 1891, died June 28, 1970