Pictures Needed


Please scroll through this list of names to the appropriate family or families – at least one of your ancestors should be listed here.  This is all of the pictures that I would like to collect – to start with.  I want to go further down the tree as well, but that can come later.  If you or anyone in your family might have a picture of any of these individuals, please let me know!


The list represents the pictures needed of the “higher up” generations of the various families.  As you can see, there are many.  If someone is highlighted in red, that means I have NO picture of them; if someone is highlighted in blue, but not crossed out, that means I have an acceptable picture of them, but would like more; and finally, if someone is highlighted in blue and crossed out, then I have enough pictures of them.  If you are able to help out with this project, please let me know!! 


The following examples are the type of pictures I am ideally looking for (head-on, relatively close-up) – but if that kind is not available, then any picture is better than none!






Thank you!





Ausmus Family


Jesse (called, Fate) Lafayette Ausmus, Jr. and (1) Rosie Bell Poston


Maggie Ethel Ausmus and G. (called, Fuzzy) Oscar Jones


Thomas (called, Red) Claude Ausmus, and Pearl Knaggs


William Homer Ausmus and Hilda Agnes Russeau


Emma Mae Ausmus and Garrett Jones


John Lafayette Ausmus and Hettie May Ivey


Gladys Lucille Ausmus and John McCulley


James Everett Ausmus and Edna Goins


and (2) Mossie Ford


Jesse Lafayette Ausmus, III and Rose Elizabeth Norman


Elmer Edgar Ausmus and Pearl Irene Cadle


Millie Love Ausmus and Floyd Conatser


Grace Naomi Ausmus and James Clyde Underwood


Edna Margaret Ausmus and  John Darce Curtis




Burgard Family


David Burgard and Clara Emma Grodi


Lucy Minerva Burgard and (1) Edward Oscar Gay and (2) George Davis


Linus Jerome Burgard and Margaret Cullen


Silas Lewis Burgard and Lulu Dell Lyons


Eva Marcella (called, Mercede) Burgard and Clarence Cousino


Joseph Burgard and Edna Lucille Mominee


Victoria Lillian Burgard and Ernest Rowe


William Burgard and Ada Helena Frank


Ross Clarence Burgard and Hedwig (called Hattie) Martha Stock


Rose Francis Burgard and (1) Allie Louis Perry and  (2) Franklin John Opel



Dreher Family


John Frederick Dreher and Maria Barbara Kipp


                Anna Maria Dreher and Martin Keehn and (2) Albert Wieland


Frederick Dreher and Katherine Greiner                                          


                Emilie Dreher


                Charles Henry Dreher


Caroline Magdalena Dreher and Jacob Greiner, Jr.


William Henry Dreher and Ivah Brown



Greiner Family


Jacob Greiner and (1) Maria Katharina Mahler


Jacob Greiner, Jr. and Caroline Magdalena Dreher


Katherine Greiner and Frederick Dreher


Herman Crist Greiner and Edna May Hatfield


Martin John Greiner and Beulah Burt


Julius Jacob Greiner


Charles Greiner


Mildred Hermine Greiner and Vernon Roosevelt Marihugh


                Rebecca Clara Greiner, and (1) Howard William Shupp and (2) John McConnell


and (2) Sophia Englert


and (3) Rose Schenk



Grodi Family


William Grodi and (1) Marcella Menard


                Clara Emma Grodi  and David Burgard


                James Grodi and Rose Mominee/Shinevar?


and (2) Madeleine Menard


                Susanna Josephine Grodi and (1) Charles Joseph Hope and (2) ? Iott


                Mary Agnes Grodi and Samuel Burgard


                Marie Grodi and John Deneau


                William Cyril Grodi and Harriet Burgard


                Marcella Eunice Grodi and Columbus Deneau


                Cornelius Charles Grodi and Gertrude Ann Cousino


Thomas Grodi


                Richard Grodi and Margaret Pete


                Wallace Walter Grodi and Rachel Blanche Duvall



Habich Family


Franz Josef Habich and Justina Essenpreiß


                Sebastien Habich


                Fridolin Habich and Rosa Reiß


                Theresia Habich and Michael Kimling


                Elisabeth Habich and Wilhelm Böser


                Josef Habich


                Maria Habich and Christoph Holzinger




Jankowski Family


Piotr Jankowski and Dorota Woźniacki


                                Stephen Jankowski


                                Marianna Jankowski


Martha Jankowski and Ignatius Jacob Stachak


                                Helen Jankowski and Michael Wrzesinski


                                Anna Jankowski




Kimling Family


Michael Kimling and Theresia Habich


                Joseph Kimling and Phoebe Kinney


                Mary Theresa Kimling and Ferdinand Ralph Winterhalter


                Frank Kimling and Frances Bitz


                Theresa Kimling and John Peters


                Frances Kimling and Harry Earl Matthews


                John Frank Kimling and Mary Elizabeth Burkhard


                Michael Kimling and Louisa Noe


                Antonius Kimling and Lilian Hale


Anna Beatrice Kimling and George William Venier


Leone Kimling and (1)  Joseph Archer and  (2) ?  McAlister




Kipp Family


Johann Martin Kipp and Anna Maria Henger


Johann Martin Kipp and Christina Plocher


John Joseph Kipp


Matthias Kipp and  (1) Sofia Meyers and  (2) Louise ?


Maria Barbara Kipp and John Frederick Dreher


Jacob Kipp and Mary Catherine Schwake




Mahler Family

Jakob Matthäus Mahler and Anna Marie Wiedenmann


                Johann Friedrich Mahler and Anna Maria Moll


Maria Katharina Mahler and Jacob Greiner




Poston Family


Jeremiah Thompson Poston and (1) Emily DeBord


Noah Calton Poston and Mary Vickers


and (2) Elizabeth Isabelle Settle


                Alice Poston and William Broyles


Joseph Elijah Poston and Sarah Lou Tishia Williamson


                Rosie Bell Poston and Jesse Lafayette (called, Fate) Ausmus, Jr.


                Andrew Sanford Poston and Julia Ann Goins


                William Poston


                Charles Poston and Minnie Mae Nelson/Bunch?


                Mossie Elizabeth Poston


                Emma Poston and William Amos Mallicoat


Julie Poston and James Smith



Russeau Family


Alexander Rousseau and (1) Mary Chatellereau


Jerome Russeau and Clara St. Bernard


George Russeau


                Charles Russeau and Mary St. Bernard


Laura Russeau and (1) Albert Pete and (2) Victor Pete


Flagget Russeau and Adeline Knaggs


and (2) Angeline Cousino


Lynus Albert Russeau and Gladys Butler


Maria Mable Russeau and Bernard Cornelius Dussia


Silas Alexander Russeau and Alma Louise Palmer


Sable Agnes Russeau and Curtis Bomia




Stachak Family


Ignatius Loyola (Jacob) Stachak and (1) Pelagia Bialecki


Agnes Stachak and (1) John Najbar and (2) William McInnes


Alvin John Stachak and Sally Kazmierski


Raymond Anthony Stachak and Beatrice Agnes Kotecki


and (2) Martha Jankowski


Mary Magdalena Stachak and Joseph Peter Dusseau,


Hedwig (called Hattie) Martha Stachak and Ross Clarence Burgard


Stanley Joseph Stachak and Sadie Mary Kapela


Wallace Joseph Stachak and Lola Markos


Florence Agnes Stachak and Casimir Phillip Walentowski



St. Bernard Family


Sylvester St. Bernard and (1) Basilica Tineau and (2) Catherine ?


Henry St. Bernard and Margaret Sancrant


Agnes St. Bernard and (1) Charles Burnham and (2) Eli Larabell


Clara St. Bernard and John Jerome Russeau


Moses St. Bernard and Mary Bomia


Joseph St. Bernard and Margaret LaVigne


Mary Elizabeth St. Bernard and Charles Russeau


Emily St. Bernard and Albert Chatellreau (Shattelroe)



Venier Family


Eli Venier and Sophranie (called, Fannie) Chennevarre


Julianna Venier and (1) John William Day and (2) Eli Bernor and (3) Jacob Kuhry


Joseph Venier and Mary Clementine Willett


Melanie Emily Josephine Venier and Stephen Boudrie


Nelson Venier and Seraphina Britner


Peter Venier and Helena Joséphine Roberts


Louis Venier and Susan Bernard


Harriet Venier and Henry LaTour



Wozniacki Family


Tomasz Woźniacki and Krystyna Głowacka


                Antonina Woźniacka and Piotr Orchowski


                                Anastazja Orchowska and Franciszek Ertman


                                Matylda Orchowska and Franciszek Jąkała


                                Pelagia Orchowska and Jakub Lewandowski


                Rozalia Woźniacka and Józef Mąka


                                Anna Mąka


                                Franciszek Mąka and Eleonora Zieleśkiewicz


                                Stanisław Mąka


                                Anna Mąka


                                Franziska Mąka


                                Józef Mąka


                                Pelagia Mąka


                                Michał Mąka


                                Antonina Mąka and Anton Kłobuchowski


                                Józefa Mąka


                                Leopold Mąka


                Marcin Woźniacki and Agnieszka Garczyńska


                                Marianna Woźniacka


                                Stanisława Woźniacka


                                Piotr Woźniacki


                                Józef Woźniacki


                                Anna Woźniacka


                                Pelagia Woźniacka


                Franciszek Woźniacki


                Matylda Woźniacka and (1) Ignacy Popieliński and (2) Anton Wendlandt


Jacob Woźniacki and Amelia Kedzierska


Pelagia Wozniacki and Martin Culkowski


Stanislawa Wozniacki and Peter Staniszewski


                Maria Wozniacki and Franciszek Teofil Stankiewicz


Helen Wozniacki and John Kozakiewicz


                Dorota Woźniacka and Piotr Jankowski


                Stephen Jankowski


                                Marianna Jankowski


Martha Jankowski and Ignatius Jacob Stachak


                                Helen Jankowski and Michael Wrzesinski


                                Anna Jankowski


                Weronika Woźniacka and Ludwik Reich


                                Antonina Reich and Edmund Matecki