Our Seed Products

Our flowers are open-polinated, and many wild-collected, so we cannot absolutely guarantee them true to species, but we only collect from flowers we believe to be non-contaminated by other species.


See the ordering page for where and how to send your order! Or, if you'd prefer, some of our seeds are now available on ebay! Click here to see our items.Please note: the best value is to order directly from us. There are only about 1/3 of our items listed on Ebay, and there are less seeds in the Ebay packets, because Ebays fees are very high.

To download our 2022-2023 PDF catalog, click here. A quick list of our available species starts on page 5, with images that immediately follow.

Page updated: March 12, 2023

If you are interested in finding out more about how to grow wildflowers, or make wildflower gardens, please also check out our e-book series here.