Growing Score

We have assigned a "growing score" to each of the plants we grow here at the Ausmus ranch, to help give you an idea of the difficulty in growing any given plant, should you want to try it yourself. In general, the scores are 1 is the easiest to grow, and 10 is the hardest. Further detail is provided below.

1 - a score of one means a plant is extremely easy to grow, and will grow in almost any conditions with little care at all.

2 - a two means that the plant is very easy to grow, and you should not have many issues at all.

3 - a three means the plant is not difficult to grow, and will grow in most soils and conditions without much issue.

4 -

5 - a five means plants are about average; you may encounter some difficulty and have to put in some effort, but mostly smooth sailing.

6 - a six means the plant will likely give you some resistance, and there could be some initial failed attempts, but if you replicate its habitat correctly, you will succeed.

7 -

8 -

9 - a nine means this plant is very hard to grow. You will likely have to develop a special habitat and keep a close eye on it to keep it happy.

10 - a score of ten indicates that a plant is almost impossible to grow outside of the wild, because they require a specific habitat and probably also other growing aides, such as a parasite host plant, fungal growing root relationship, etc. Notice I said *almost*. These plants can be grown, but usually require extensive attention and may die, even after you consider them established.