The Gardens

The following are the gardens here at the ranch. This is their current form, though, new areas will be constructed soon, which will have more space available for growing. Each area is specialized to provide the kind of habitat each plant requires, as some need a very high, or very low moisture; some need a very low pH level; some need very good drainage, etc.

                                 Bog                                                                   Conifer Area

                          Disturbed Area                                                                   Dune

                                      Fen                                                                   Moist Conifer Area

                                     Pond                                                                  Black Soil Prairie

                          Sand Prairie                                                                   Shale Barren

                          Alpine Area                                                                   Southwest Area

                          Thicket                                                                   Woodland Edge

                          Wetland Area                                                                   Woodland Area